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Ladysmith Ocean View Home at 103 Gifford Road

Ladysmith Ocean View Home at 103 Gifford Road

This  great Ladysmith ocean view home needs a new owner.  Enjoy the amazing wide ocean views in this spacious 2404 Sq. Ft. half

A great Ladysmith Ocean View Home
Beautiful Ladysmith Ocean View Home

duplex with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. It is a mere ten-   minute walk from your door to ocean front activities at Ladysmith’s Transfer Beach and to shopping in Ladysmith’s historic downtown.  

This home has the feel of a single family home. A quick drive past will explain why, as you see only this home fronting onto Gifford Road. The other half fronts onto an alley. The main floor treats you to

ocean views in the living room, dining room and kitchen. A master bedroom and ensuite with two more bedrooms finish the upstairs area. Downstairs you will find an in-law suite boasting two bedrooms, a second kitchen, bathroom and living room. A bonus is lots of parking including a 21’3″ by 13’11” garage and outside area for three additional parking spots.

This home has three decks–two up and one down on the ocean view side. The yard has room for gardening and offers some privacy with a picket fence. Heat pumps are located up and down. Quick occupancy is possible. Call Lorne Gait at 250-618-0680 of more information or a viewing today.

A video Tour of the home . . .

Pictures of the Home and View . . .


If you want to find your way to this property, here is a map from Nanaimo Airport to this beautiful  Ladysmith Ocean View Home  . . .

Guiding you home . . .  to an ocean view home at 103 Gifford Road, Ladysmith, BC Home . . .

Lorne Gait and Morgan Fisher are professional realtors who can help you find your Vancouver Island Waterfront or Waterview  home. To start the conversation follow this link — Get in touch.

Vancouver Island Lots and Land for Sale

Vancouver Island Lots and Land for Sale

Lot 20 Trans Canada Highway, 670 Farrell Road and 674 Farrell Road

Here is a great opportunity to own Vancouver Island Lots and Land.  Lot 20 Trans Canada Highway, 670 Farrell Road and 674 Farrell Road are beautiful Ocean View Properties.  Lot 20 is 5.767 acres.  670 Farrell Road is 5.63 Acres and 674 Farrell Road is .47 Acres.   Property.

The highest and best use is for a high end single family lot
development or possibly higher density. The Town of Ladysmith is very willing to assist you to create a PLA to develop this prime land. The Town Director of Development services will be happy to discuss her ideas of what you can do with this property and with the one adjacent to it at Lot 20 Trans Canada Hwy. Together these three properties make up an 11.87 Acre area for new Town of Ladysmith stunning ocean view homes.  This land has quick access to town services, marinas, shopping and highway.This land has quick access to town services, marinas, shopping and highway. It will be a welcome development in the Town and Region.

Lot 20 Priced at $895,000.00

Lot 20 is currently in the Cowichan Valley Regional District.  However, an Application has been made to bring it into the Town of Ladysmith.  The process is currently before the Province of British Columbia.  As is,  this property could be used in its current zoning for a single family home with suite.  The highest and best use is likely to develop a Preliminary Land Assembly (PLA) with the Town of Ladysmith for a subdivision of ocean view homes.

  • Info Package for Lot 20 — INFO
  • Plans for Lot 20 — PLANS
  • Pics for Lot 20
  • Video for lot 20

670 Farrell Road Priced at $1,000,000

670 Farrell Road is in the Town of Ladysmith.  This property has a drilled well and could also be used as is to build a beautiful ocean view home on acreage.  The highest and best use is likely to develop a Preliminary Land Assembly (PLA) with the Town of Ladysmith for a subdivision of ocean view homes.

  • Info Package for 670 Farrell Road — INFO
  • Plans for 670 Farrell Road — PLANS
  • Pics for 670 Farrell Road
  • Video for 670 Farrell Road

674 Farrell Road Price TBA

674 Farrell Road is a smaller property owned by the Town of Ladysmith.  It is their purpose to sell it together with the other two properties as a part of a Preliminary Land Assembly (PLA) to develop the lands behind this property for future Town of Ladysmith housing.

  • 674 Farrell Road Info Package — INFO
  • 674 Farrell Road Plans — PLANS 

Vancouver Island Realtor Lorne Gait . . . Guiding your way home . . .

These are a few quick pics of the home.   We do have a few more. Email us for more pictures.  We will be happy to send them to you.

If you want to find your way to these properties, here is a map from Nanaimo’s Departure Bay Ferry t to these Properties–Vancouver Island Lots and Land   . . .

Call or text Lorne Gait 250-618-0680 for appointment and check out for more photos and videos. You won’t be disappointed.   You can email us at lorne [at] lornegait [dot] com

Lorne Gait is a professional realtor who can help you with your Chemainus home purchase or sale. Check out Lorne’s main WEBSITE.  Or visit his waterview WEBSITE.  To start the conversation, let’s Get in touch.

Vancouver Island Real Estate and New 2018 Canadian Mortgage Rules

Vancouver Island Real Estate and New 2018 Canadian Mortgage Rules

Are you ready for new Canadian Mortgage rules?  If you applied for a new mortgage after January 1, 2018, would you qualify.

Check out this interesting news release . . .  CLICK HERE

Vancouver Island Realtor Lorne Gait can help you with the new 2018 Canadian Mortgage Rules
Vancouver Island Real Estate and the new 2018 Canadian Mortgage Rules

If you have any mortgage questions, Vancouver Island Realtor Lorne Gait or Morgan Fisher can help you.  Further, they can help you find a great Vancouver Island Mortgage Broker who can assist you with your mortgage needs.

In the past the mortgage stress test was used only for those who were putting a small amount of money down on their purchase and as as result needed CMHC financing.  As of January 1, 2018 all Buyers who need a mortgage will need to pass the stress test.  CLICK HERE for more information on the stress test.


Prior articles on Mortgages:   A Second Opinion;Take Charge

Vancouver Island Real Estate Market Forecast for 2018

Vancouver Island Real Estate Market Forecast for 2018

Vancouver Island Realtor Lorne Gait talks about the current Vancouver Island market

Understanding where the Vancouver Island Real Estate Market will go in 2018 -- a forecast
Lorne Gait helps you with Vancouver Island Real Estate Market Forecast for 2018

Lorne helps you understand where the Vancouver Island Real Estate Market will head in 2018.  Hopefully, you will enjoy this  forecast.

The Vancouver Island Real Estate Board or VIREB–has published the Vancouver Island Real Estate Stats for November 30, 2017.

Vancouver Island Real Estate Stats

November 2017 Cowichan Valley Real Estate Stats

November 2017 Nanaimo Real Estate Stats

These two reports include:

  • Cumulative Residential Average Single Family Sale Price
  • Single Family Units Reported Sold
  • Comparative Activity by Property Type
  • MLS® Single Family Sales Analysis
  • Cowichan Valley – Single Family Sales by Subarea
  • Nanaimo – Single Family Sales by Subarea
  • Gabriola Island

Contained in these stats is information on the Average House Price for the region, the amount of homes sold and much more.   In this update, we are considering two Real Estate Board areas.  These are the Cowichan Valley Region which goes from Mill Bay through to Ladysmith and the Nanaimo Board area which goes from Cedar up to North Nanaimo.

In many ways, these statistics form a great way to look at the market that has past and to predict the market that will come in 2018.

A quick look at the stats shows that prices are upward as there is less supply in relation to the amount of demand.  In the Nanaimo, the average home went up from $472,137 in November 2016 to $531,307 in November 2017.  In the Cowichan Valley, the average home went up from $375,683 in November 2016 to $463,912 in November 2017.  This upward trend took place in Apartments, patio homes and townhomes for both regions.

Looking forward, the best indication of the immediate future is what has taken place in the recent past.  When we look at the statistical facts, this is still a Seller’s market.  There is less supply and more demand which continues to put upward pressure on the housing industry.

Vancouver Island Real Estate Threats and Opportunities

Threats . . .

However, there are some threats to the market.  The first is the global downturn in real estate.  In many areas of the planet, higher taxes and costs related to owning real estate have caused real estate values to drop.  So far, the exception has been niche / exclusive high end real estate.  The exceptions are mostly in North America.  Already there have been reversals for the worse.  Examples are Australia, Toronto, and London.  To this time, the market is still good in Hong Kong, New York and Vancouver.  However, there are warning signs ahead.

Other threats include new mortgage rules which create mortgage stress tests for all who require mortgages; more provincial and local taxes; more and increased foreign buyer taxes for those who wish to invest in the local market.

Opportunities . . .

At the same time as there are threats, there are also opportunities.  First, this is a great time to downsize from larger single family homes to townhomes and condos.  It is a great time to buy a new home–especially with the BC Government new home rebate on Property Transfer Tax.   Furthermore, it is a great time to relocate to one of the best places in the world to live.  Vancouver Island Real Estate offers, arguably, one of the most exclusive real estate opportunities in the world and in one of the best countries in the planet.

Vancouver Island Real Estate Market Video . . .


Hopefully this Forecast has helped you to gain insight to current conditions  in the Vancouver Island Real Estate market for 2018.  If you have questions about the data detailed in this post or in the reports, or if you would like to discuss the stats in detail with Lorne, please get in touch.

Wonder what your property is worth in today’s market?  Let’s Get in Touch . . . 

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Ladysmith Lifestyle in the Winter

Ladysmith Lifestyle in the Winter

Ladysmith Rainy Winter Day
A Rainy day in Ladysmith, BC.

Ok . . . I know . . . I know, it is a rainy day. How can I enjoy the Ladysmith lifestyle on a day like this?  You can see that from the fence at the back of my yard.   But it is a good day moderate temperature day compared to much of Canada.  And unlike most of Canada we do not have snow.  Therefore, yesterday I decided to travel around my town looking for reasons why someone would want to live here.

For most of my life I have lived on Vancouver Island.  Most winters are quite moderate.  There was almost no snow for the past three winters.  This current winter of 2016-2017 gave us more snow than average.  But it is likely that for every five or six years, there will be at least one winter cooler than others.  But still, we have it better than most every other part of Canada.  Vancouver Island is truly the Hawaii of Canada.  Our Ladysmith Lifestyle is amazing.

Ladysmith Waterfront

So then . . . reasons why I like the Ladysmith lifestyle.  Here are some:  The first is waterfront for all to enjoy.  I enjoy an ocean view from my home.  Many of my clients enjoy waterfront.  But for everyone, there are lots of beaches and water play areas.  Check out Transfer Beach.   This morning which was again overcast, I had opportunity to walk to the beach and back home.  It was great winter time exercise.  These can be your views December through February.

Imagine the Ladysmith Lifestyle | Get in touch with Ladysmith Realtor Lorne Gait for more information
Ladysmith Maritime Society. Can you imagine the Ladysmith lifestyle?

But then there are also other water Ladysmith lifestyle possibilities for you.   Several of my friends own a boat.  Some choose moorage at places like the Ladysmith Maritime Society.  Some choose to keep their boat at home and launch it from time to time.  From Kayaks to Large Sailboats and Motor Yachts.  You can pick your pleasure.

Ladysmith Parks

If you are not into boating . . . how about parks and hikes.  There are some great parks like the Kinsmen Park.  Take the kids if you have them.  Back several years ago,  I used to climb on the park amenities with my children.  They are grown up and gone now.  But recently the park has been upgraded for a new generation of children and parents.  This is a cool family place.

The Holland Creek Trail | Get in touch with Lorne Gait to help you with this kind of Ladysmith Lifestyle
The Holland Creek Trail is a great Ladysmith Lifestyle option

For those who want more exercise out of their Ladysmith lifestyle there is the Holland Creek Trail.  Find a trail starting place and launch out to a morning or afternoon adventure.  You can go for miles and miles.

Can you see yourself on this trail?  This is a good one for taking a friend or your favourite pet.   If you are very adventurous, you can even head up to Heart Lake.  Take hiking polls or you will wish you did.

Ladysmith Amenities

If it is too rainy or if it does happen to snow, there is still something to do.  How about the Frank Jameson Recreation Centre?  Swimming, spinning, yoga, pickleball, free weights, exercise machine and so much more.

The white haired among us, might choose to go to the Seniors Centre.  This is a great place for indoor activities cards, dining, clubs and more.   Beyond that, this Ladysmith Resources Centre building offers great support for folks of many ages and needs.  It is a great town amenity.  It is a great place for volunteers.

Ladysmith Shopping

Of course, some of us are not into exercise or outdoor recreation.  For those folks, there is the Coronation Mall and the historic downtown First Avenue Business corridor.    Shopping, bakery time, a coffee shop, a restaurant or pub might be the part of the Ladysmith Lifestyle you will enjoy the most.
Occasionally you might want to check out the events in town.  This the Aggie Hall.  Concerts, dances, home shows and much more take place here.  Other gathering places include: The Little Theatre, the Eagles Hall, the Legion and more. You can pic your place to hang out in the late afternoons and evenings.

The Ladysmith lifestyle allows opportunity for all levels of education from Preschool through grade twelve.  The Vancouver Island University is up the road in Nanaimo and is hardly a 25-minute drive.  There are many great educational venues.

If you get enjoying the Ladysmith live with too much exuberance such that an accident happens or if time passes and you have long term health needs.  There are great amenities in the area.  Feel secure because there is the hospital clinic.  Know you can get a ride with the ambulance service.  Trust that there are greater care facilities in Duncan and Nanaimo.

So, there you go.   This is the Ladysmith lifestyle on a rainy Saturday afternoon in the middle of Winter.  Sure, it might be better to be in Mexico or Hawaii.  But if you need to be in Canada.  It is a very good option.

If you want to talk more about the Ladysmith lifestyle or if you are considering a move to Ladysmith.  Let’s get in touch and find a way to help you be here.

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Vancouver Island Real Estate Foreign Buyer Tax

Vancouver Island Real Estate Foreign Buyer Tax — Will she or won’t she?

Will she or won’t she add the dreaded 15% Vancouver Island Real Estate Foreign Buyer Tax for Property Transfers?  This is a question that engages the thoughts of my clients this Spring.  This is especially the case as Buyers and Sellers consider what Premier Christy Clark’s government has done in the Vancouver Real Estate Market.  My thoughts are these:

BC considering increases to the Foreign Buyer Property Transfer Tax
Vancouver Island Real Estate Foreign Buyer Tax. Will She or won’t She?

Not too long ago, the BC Provincial Government changed the Provincial Property Tax for homes purchased in the Greater Vancouver Area.  The tax was 1% on the first $200,000 and 2% on the balance.  Currently the tax is the same if you are a Canadian resident.  However, if you are a foreign Buyer, the tax is now 15% on the whole amount.  This is huge for foreign Buyers.  It reflected a government attempt to regulate price increases through Government regulation, intervention and taxation.   One Vancouver Lawyer told me that if the Provincial Government did not intervene, the coming election would be lost.

Vancouver Island Real Estate Foreign Buyer Tax — The impacts . . .

The obvious result of this regulation, taxation and intervention was an almost immediate price reduction in the price of Vancouver homes.  It is a double digit drop in prices and a substantial slow down in the number of sales.  You can read the details here — THE GLOBE AND MAIL

There has been talk about putting this new tax on Victoria homes and likely on homes across the rest of the Province.  You can read about this in several online articles.  Witness the TIMES COLONIST ARTICLE

Vancouver Island Real Estate Foreign Buyer Tax
Christy Clark walking back BC’s Foreign Buyer Property Transfer Tax

However, the issue is both political and economic.  There has been much concern about the decline of the Vancouver Real Estate Market.  The Province is headed into an election and BC home owners concerned about price drops also reflect a huge voter block.  Therefore, Premier Christy Clark’s Government is attempting to walk back the challenging aspects of the new added tax.  Foreign Buyers who buy and who will be working in Vancouver could soon be exempt from the additional Tax.   The Vancouver Sun quotes Christy Clark–VANCOUVER SUN

The Vancouver Sun has further quotes on this from Finance Minister Michael de Jong.  Check it out — VANCOUVER SUN

Vancouver Island Real Estate Foreign Buyer Tax — Conclusions . . .

So, the question remains . . . will there be a Vancouver Island Real Estate Foreign Buyer Tax.  This realtor believes there will be continued pressure to slow the impact of foreign Buyers on our market.   However, at the same time, there will be some refining of the legislation around the matter of who pays the tax and how it is administered.  If a foreign Buyer plans to settle down and work in the area, then tax relief is likely.  If on the other hand, a Buyer buys a home and plans to be absentee, then likely there will be no tax relief.

In the end. . . time will tell.  These are political times.  It is fashionable to let others pay taxes–Especially foreigners.  It is all good until my / your house value drops.

If you want to discuss this further, Associate Broker and Realtor (R) Lorne Gait is happy to discuss this further.  Let’s get in touch.

Vancouver Island Real Estate Blog – Market Update

Vancouver Island Real Estate Blog

A few words about the market in our beautiful Vancouver Island Real Estate Blog area…

Victoria Area Market Update

We are in an amazing Seller’s Market!  This is a great time to Sell and Buying in a rising market that might give you good appreciation on your investment.

The paragraph below is from an article published earlier in the week in the Victoria Times Colonist.

Greater Victoria’s real estate market continued its strong pace in May as the average price of a single-family house rose to a record $763,517 and the number of properties sold blasted to a new high. The latest average price in the capital region is up by 17.6 per cent from $649,431 a year ago. It’s a seller’s market as buyers face rising prices and multiple offers in hot spots such as Fairfield, Oak Bay and Saanich East. Benchmark prices, calculated by the Victoria Real Estate Board based on a “typical” house, also give a sense of what’s happening. For the entire region, the benchmark was $584,700 in May.

Link to the Full Article

Lorne Gait's Vancouver Island Real Estate Blog
Lorne Gait’s Vancouver Island Real Estate Blog


Lorne is always willing to talk about real estate.  Let’s Get in Touch!