Welcome to  Lots and Land real estate listings for Vancouver Island.  All the properties listed from Victoria in the south through Port Hardy in the North Island areas.

Lorne Gait has assisted many buyers find the property of their dreams. He has helped builders, home owners and property investors with their purchases on the Island.  We have found properties from Port Hardy through to Victoria.  We have travelled from the East side to the west side in search of the perfect place to build your new home.  “Helping YOU is what we do.”

Lorne will explore zoning issues, plot plans, construction set backs and building schemes for each and every property.  He can make sure the property you eventually select has the water, sewerage, and other amenities you desire.  The team can also make sure the property is suitable for your desired  develop purpose.

If you want a more specific search sent directly to you we can help.  A beautiful program from the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board called Private Client Services will get you listings 24 to 48 hours ahead of the public MLS.

If you want more information in any regard, you can make your request using  the Get In Touch link or call toll free at 1-877-252-2252 and ask for The Lorne Gait Real Estate Team.

Our Team can help you with your real estate needs anywhere on Vancouver Island.  We have expert partners ready to help with any and all your specific real estate needs.

Lots & Land for Sale