Today could be your day to own a Vancouver Island Home. Although Victoria is among the more pricey areas of the Canadian Housing Market, there are many other Vancouver Island communities that offer affordable homes.

Up until our shared and  Recent COVID-19 experience,  Single family homes, apartments, and townhomes are all experiencing good sales volumes.  There are  still Buyers wanting to buy.  Sellers have not flooded the market with new inventory to sell.  As a result, in prices have been stable.

Many places on Vancouver Island provide great locations for new homeowners.    It is also a very good place to enjoy retirement life.  Move here and enjoy  a comfortable lifestyle with the many different  amenities that are accessible on our beautiful island.

There are various types of Vancouver Island homes listings below, ranging from common single family homes to high-end properties and waterfront estates.

If you would like a more specific search sent to you via email, or if you want more information on a property listed below, you can make your request using  the Get In Touch link, or call toll-free at 1-877-252-2252.  Let Lorne Gait or Morgan Fisher be your Vancouver Island Real Estate Team.

The Vancouver Island Single Family Homes listings displayed below include properties from one end of the island to the other.  Our Team can help you with your real estate needs anywhere on Vancouver Island.  We have expert partners ready to help with any and all Single Family home needs.

Single Family Homes