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Welcome to Lorne Gait’s Vancouver Island farms real estate listings.  All the properties are agricultural farms or acreage type properties throughout the entire Vancouver Island.

Lorne Gait can help you with Vancouver Island Farms Real Estate Listings
Vancouver Island realtor Lorne Gait can help you with Vancouver Island Farms.

Lorne has great experience with helping many buyers with rural properties on the island.  Often with these types of properties, wells and septic field knowledge is absolutely essential.

For example, wells need tests for quality and quantity of water, especially since we are seeing reoccurring dry weather conditions in the summer months on the island.  Septics also need to work well for the size of the home and must be in a good condition.  Lorne can help you make an informed purchase of a rural property and be happy at the end of the day without unexpected costs or surprises.

How does Lorne know so much about farm properties? Well, he once had goats, cows, donkeys, pigs and other farm animals on his own property growing up!  He knows important information about fields, gardening and much more. As a child & teen he was a member of a local Saanich area 4-H club and his knowledge will help you with your agricultural purchase.

Our Team can help you with your real estate needs anywhere on Vancouver Island.  We have expert partners ready to help with any and all Vancouver Island Farms & Acreages real estate needs.

If you want a more specific farm search sent directly to you or if you’d like more information in any regard, please make a request using  the Get In Touch link or call toll free at 1-877-252-2252 and ask for The Lorne Gait Real Estate Team.

Vancouver Island Farm Real Estate

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