Welcome to Vancouver Island Condos and Townhomes.  These properties  include Duplexes, Condos & Townhomes throughout the entire island. Lorne knows the things that matter to condo and townhome buyers, and that’s having the knowledge to navigate the rules and regulations related to these type of home purchases.  We either have the answers or will find them for you.

Lorne will help guide you through the legalities of purchasing a property that has applicable laws, strata rules and restrictions.  He will explain things like Depreciation Reports;  he will help you understand current and previous reports of Strata minutes and what a Form B is; and he will also guide you through strata plans for each and every property.  If things become too complicated with the documents or additional legal help is required, he will refer you to a qualified Lawyer who knows even more.  At the end of the sale you can be confident in your purchase as a Buyer!

If you want a more specific search sent directly to you or if you want more information in any regards, you can make your request using  the Get In Touch link or call toll free at 1-877-252-2252 and ask for The Lorne Gait Real Estate Team.

Our Team can help you with your real estate needs anywhere on Vancouver Island.  We have expert partners ready to help with any and all Vancouver Island multi-family homes real estate needs.  From Port Hardy to Victoria we are happy to be your Vancouver Island Realtors.   We can give your excellent service and meet your needs.  “Helping YOU is what we do.”

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