Vancouver Island Real Estate and New 2018 Canadian Mortgage Rules

Are you ready for new Canadian Mortgage rules?  If you applied for a new mortgage after January 1, 2018, would you qualify.

Check out this interesting news release . . .  CLICK HERE

Vancouver Island Realtor Lorne Gait can help you with the new 2018 Canadian Mortgage Rules

Vancouver Island Real Estate and the new 2018 Canadian Mortgage Rules

If you have any mortgage questions, Vancouver Island Realtor Lorne Gait or Morgan Fisher can help you.  Further, they can help you find a great Vancouver Island Mortgage Broker who can assist you with your mortgage needs.

In the past the mortgage stress test was used only for those who were putting a small amount of money down on their purchase and as as result needed CMHC financing.  As of January 1, 2018 all Buyers who need a mortgage will need to pass the stress test.  CLICK HERE for more information on the stress test.


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